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Smashwords is a fiction distribution service that allows authors to upload their own works and sell them in a variety of formats, including HTML, PDF, EPUB, MOBI, RTF, and more – formats that can be enjoyed without needing an Amazon Kindle.

None of these formats are locked behind DRM, so you won’t be stuck with limitations after downloading content from here.

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Yet even for the paid stories, most authors allow you to read a preview of the story (usually the first 10%) before you have to commit to a purchase.

If you want to find free stories to read in a variety of formats, Smashwords is the place.?

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If that isn’t a ringing endorsement for the power of fiction, I don’t know what is. Let’s not get into all the legal mumbo jumbo surrounding fanfiction and copyrights and whether or not people are allowed to write fiction using another author’s intellectual property. Despite the legalities, there is some good fanfiction out there — in fact, some of today’s popular authors had their start as fanfictionists. Net in that they run on the same website system and paradigm: user-submitted stories that are freely available to consume.They will let you chat a while in the flirt for free area, but if you want to see pussy, nipple or dildo play, you will have to pay for a private room.Prices for private video chat where you direct the action with these hot women average .99 per minute. In the past decade, a lot of websites have popped up that offer you, the reader, a chance to read a wide selection of fiction without putting your wallet on the line.

Probably not unless the author explicitly releases a limited time free version for marketing purposes.

Want to see your favorite fictional worlds expanded beyond canon? The only difference between Fictionpress and Fan Fiction.